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There is now an opportunity to pre-order our ss-19 collection. Not only will you secure your pair of a limited edition model, you'll also benefit from a great discount - it's a double whammy!
The Lock & Load boots are part of our new signature collection, where all shoes feature a padlock-style heel. The collection is inspired by the padlocks put up in Paris by rosy-cheeked lovers, hoping to lock in their love forever. By putting the locks on your feet you can bring your own Paris love story with you - wherever you go :)

Delivery estimated to March 2019.

Slightly small in size, consider selecting one size larger than you would normally take.

Soft nappa leather on the outside, lined with equally soft leather
- Hidden zip on inside of shoe
- Leather sole (we recommend that you re-sole your boots before wearing them)
- Square toe design
- Metal and acetate heel with the words "TOP SECURITY" embossed

Made in a small family run factory in the north of Portugal.

We’re proud to be a part of the Not Faceless movement, which celebrates the many ways the Tictail community represents the opposite of fast fashion. Here’s a little more information about what makes us a Not Faceless brand:

"Being a young brand run by a small team means that we are very involved in every step of the design and production process. It is so important to us to know that we are delivering shoes that we can truly trust and be proud of. We love the quick and close communication we can have with our customers, whether it’s answering a question or sending off a pair of shoes, complete with a handwritten personal note!
To us, #notfaceless means not just selling a beautiful product—but also maintaining beautiful production methods and values for the whole brand. What we make needs to be sustainable so that we can continue to use the products in an equally nice tomorrow.
A #notfaceless shopper is someone who knows what they want and shops smart. They would rather choose fewer items that adhere to a higher standard of quality, style, and sustainability, than buy bigger quantities of mass-produced items only to jump on a passing trend. A #notfaceless shopper is aware."

Lina Nordin, Founder, Deuxième Studios

Deuxième Studios is the love child of Swedish simplicity and the flirty Parisian lifestyle. We believe that shoes really can make a whole outfit, so why not have some fun?!

Walking on the picture perfect cobbled streets of Paris, high heeled shoes were just not practical enough to relax and have fun in thought founder Lina Nordin. And so the idea of iconic, out of the ordinary, flat shoes with a minimal design approach was born, in a petit attic studio in the very centre of Paris - the deuxième arrondissement in fact.

Deuxième Studios focuses on creating shoes with attention to detail and the best possible quality.

The furs used are produced in Spain according to the European Union REACH regulation and are exclusively a bi-product of the food industry.

The shoes are made in Portugal.

Please recycle our lovely boxes or reuse them!