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2500 SEK

For the office, a date, grocery shopping 15 minutes before closing time or simply just to sit on a park bench in the Tuileries, this shoe will be there for you!

A soft and supple leather shoe, lined with equally soft leather on a base of a durable synthetic sole. Topped off with a cloud of fluffy rabbit fur.

Fits true to size.

This shoe is made in a small factory in the north of Portugal. The sole and leather are sourced in Portugal.

Deuxième Studios is the love child of Swedish simplicity and the flirty Parisian lifestyle. We believe that shoes really can make a whole outfit, so why not have some fun?!

Walking on the picture perfect cobbled streets of Paris, high heeled shoes were just not practical enough to relax and have fun in thought founder Lina Nordin. And so the idea of iconic, out of the ordinary, flat shoes with a minimal design approach was born, in a petit attic studio in the very centre of Paris - the deuxième arrondissement in fact.

Deuxième Studios focuses on creating shoes with attention to detail and the best possible quality.

The furs used are produced in Spain according to the European Union REACH regulation and are exclusively a bi-product of the food industry.

The shoes are made in Portugal.

Please recycle our lovely boxes or reuse them!